Sep 28

The psychology of marketing

“None of us needs a Prada purse. None of needs the new Nike Airs. We need very little other than food and shelter and water, so convincing an audience that they need something is really a skill. We want things. The more we have, the more we want, and that’s where advertising really finds its place. You need to find your audience and then educate them on the benefits of purchasing your product. That’s sort of the overview of the psychology of marketing right there.
Marketing Principles on Sticky Notes

Reaching your audience
Companies and corporations with huge sums of money can advertise their products on certain television channels at specific times to reach their target audience. Make up companies will advertise in magazines or pay celebrities to wear their product. If you have the money to do that, great! You’ll be at a huge advantage over the competition because you’ll be able to influence your audience better than others, but for those of us who want to market a product and have a finite budget within which to work, there are more reasonable options. Radio and newspaper ads are wonderful ways to reach large audiences and if you can accentuate your newspaper ad with a stunning visual display or your radio commercial with a catchy jingle, you’ll have people thinking about your name all day. Those are less expensive ways to find your market.

However, using a keen psychology of marketing, you can find even cheaper ways. It’s all about knowing who your potential customers are. If they’re athletes, market at a sporting goods store. If they’re musicians, advertise near the music school. Knowing your audience and their behaviors is among the most important aspects of disseminating your product to the world.

Once you reach your audience, you need to distribute your products to them. Packaging is very important. I make artisan greeting cards, and I make sure that when someone receives and order from my company, they remember. For the do it yourself business owner like me, putting a little artistic flare into your packaging is fun and memorable!

If you are not yet that do it yourself kind of business owner, you can always learn. There are great websites such as either pop up banners or The Display Outlet that will help you brainstorm on how to best use your resources. These guys are great for helping you design advertising materials as well. I always start at these sites to help me figure the best ways to become the most noticeable. Because it’s all do it yourself, it’s cheap too!

Oct 14

How do automatic trading systems ?

By using specific software fully automated , without involving any person ‘s opinion , it is called automatic trading . Here we reveal the key factors of their functioning .

Basic operation of the trading

The specific software programs or trading contain a set of conditions that represent a specific financial investment strategy , either on exchanges or on other products: as the foreign exchange market or forex online .
Automated trading Philosophy

Although virtually requires no intervention of a professional trading this specific software does not work, far from random .

Basic guidelines .

Although each automated trading system is governed by different parameters , to have the same basic goal , to achieve maximum benefit in the financial markets , the basic guidelines are consistent :

Optimize and streamline operations to take advantage of upward trends and get quick profits .

Minimizing losses including systems that allow exit a particular market is not profitable in the shortest time possible.

specific operating

Upholding true to its philosophy and governed by a pre – set parameters ,
trading system bases its strategy on a number of rules and mathematical operations.

Mathematical parameter values ​​.

The mathematical parameters based on automated trading depend , also, on a number of factors: historical market behavior , time zones of operation, system characteristics , etc .

Benefits of the ups and downs of the stock .

These complex mathematical parameters get their users to achieve benefits not only the rising edge of the bag, but also of its descent.

Advantages and disadvantages.

These systems have the major advantage of eliminating the subjectivity of human emotions in financial decision making , in addition to introducing the logic and possibilities of computing.

The programming must be perfect .

The main drawback of this system is that if the software programming is not perfect , can lead to substantial losses in very short periods of time.

Sep 22

Having a presentable tradeshow display stand

The objective of any business is to make money and realise profits. There are so many strategies that companies use so as to maximise their profits. Marketing and advertising are integral aspects of any business. Tradeshows have proved to be a very unique platform to market and promote products and services. However, OccupyWallStreetNews cautions that it takes much more than just showing up at a tradeshow to make money. There is so much that you will be required to do before you can convert the visitors at the tradeshow to sales. One of the things that any business should do is actually attract visitors to the booth. This will not just happen. There has to be some effort that the company will input. This means getting a nice and presentable display that will attract visitors from afar. The portable tradeshow displays found at are quite presentable. Once you realise the benefits that you stand to gain from tradeshows, you might be attending any tradeshow that you learn of. This is what makes the portable tradeshow display a preferred choice. You can easily move from one event to another without much trouble. The setting up of the portable tradeshow display is very easy and this mean that your stand will be up and running in a very short time. If you are just starting off and have not stabilized in business, you do not have to worry. You do not necessarily have to buy a portable tradeshow display. There are so many companies that will hire them out. You can use the hired stands and decorate them to your liking. Whether you buy your display stand or hire one, you need to be presentable. This is the only way that people would be interested in coming to your stand. Get professional advice from on portable tradeshow displays.